2017 Owners Manual

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When installing the spa, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following:


WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, do not permit children to use this product unless they are closely supervised at all times by adults.


WARNING: A grounding wire connector is provided on this unit to connect a minimum No. 8 AWG (8.4 mm2) solid copper conductor between this unit and any metal equipment, metal enclosures of electrical equipment, metal water pipe or conduit within 5 feet (1.5 m) of the unit.


DANGER: RISK OF ACCIDENTAL DROWNING: Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent unauthorized access by children. To avoid accidents, ensure that children cannot use this spa unless they are closely supervised at all times by adults.


DANGER: RISK OF INJURY. The suction fittings in this spa are sized to match the specific water flow created by the pump. Should the need arise to replace the suction fittings or the pump, be sure to replace with same model suction fittings for safety and compatible flow rates. Never operate the spa if the suction fittings are broken or missing. Never replace a suction fitting with one rated less than the flow rate marked on the original suction fittings.


DANGER: RISK OF INJURY. Do not remove suction grate. Suction through drains and skimmers are powerful when the jets in the spa are in use. Damaged suction grate can be hazardous to children and adults with long hair. Should any part of the body or hair be drawn into these fittings or stuck onto the fittings turn off the spa immediately. As a precaution, long hair should NOT be allowed to float freely in the spa.

Thank you for choosing BarefootSpas!   

You have made a wonderful investment in your health and well-being. For over a quarter century, BarefootSpas has dedicated it’s time, talent and resources to the manufacturing of world-class spas. Our mission, to deliver awe inspiring relaxation begins in the design studio. Working with leading engineers and the top minds in ergonomics and therapeutic massage, we design luxurious spas designed to deliver relaxation and absolute enjoyment. We are committed to building the highest quality spas, using the most advanced technologies available.   

We are always looking for new ways to improve. We are very selective in choosing technology partners to ensure the very best parts and accessories are included in every spa. You can rest assure, you have selected the very best-of the-best.   

I want to personally thank you for the confidence you have shown in me and my team here at BarefootSpas. Now it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy your new spa.     


Richard T. French, CEO


BarefootSpas is committed to managing its environmental affairs as an integral part of its business.

It is our policy to assure environmental integrity in our business processes and facilities. BarefootSpas will provide personnel and other resources to ensure successful compliance with all applicable environmental requirements. Our policy of innovation, shared leadership, informed decision making, open communication, professional growth, and personal responsibility directly support our commitment to the environment.

To facilitate our commitment to Environmental Stewardship: 
Environmental Statement
Barefoot Spas

We comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and will implement programs and procedures to assure compliance. Compliance with environmental program requirements will be a key ingredient in our management programs.

We undertake management systems procedures and training that are designed to continually improve our environmental management system, improve our operations, and prevent activities or conditions that may pose a threat to human health or the environment.

We minimize risk to our employees and to the community in which we operate through the use of safe technologies and operating procedures.

We will continue to minimize the potential for releases to the atmosphere, land or water and be prepared to respond to emergencies.

We use natural resources, including raw materials, water, and energy as efficiently as possible and will strive to create opportunities to recycle, reuse, and renew.

We continue to engage in pollution prevention practices and maximize the beneficial use of by-products (waste streams) from our operations, and minimize the generation of solid waste from our facilities.

We communicate this policy and our commitment to environmental quality to our employees, our customers, vendors and our community.

~ Health Benefits ~

BarefootSpas is committed to managing its environmental affairs as an integral part of its business.

It is our policy to assure environmental integrity in our business processes and facilities. BarefootSpas will provide personnel and other resources to ensure successful compliance with all applicable environmental requirements. Our policy of innovation, shared leadership, informed decision making, open communication, professional growth, and personal responsibility directly support our commitment to the environment.

The health benefits attributable to the spa are both mental and physical. The heat, buoyancy, and massaging characteristics of the spa work together to produce a euphoric sense of comfort and relaxation.


Stress and Stress-Related Conditions

Sitting in hot water causes endorphins to be released, which melts away the aches and pains. The massaging characteristics of the strategically placed jets together with the heat of the water alleviates the tension and allows the body to more effectively cleanse the carbon dioxide in its muscles (CO2 is what gives muscles the fatigued sensation).


Better Sleep

Soaking in a spa before bedtime not only has the ability to help induce sleep...it can also provide for a deeper, more relaxed sleep.



The hydrotherapy associated with spas has the tremendous ability to alleviate the fatigue and soreness that muscles build up from exercise or just from one’s daily routine. When used properly, the spa has the ability to lower blood pressure, increase circulation, and speed up the body’s ability to cleanse out toxins.


Arthritis and Chronic Pain

Spending time in a spa is a great way to apply heat to arthritic joints. In fact, getting in the spa for 10-15 minutes in the morning is a great way to ease up the joints when they are generally at their worst.



Please understand that a spa is not a ‘cure-all’ for people with diabetes. Studies have indicated, however, that sitting in a spa can help improve blood sugar levels, help promote weight loss, and improve sleep patterns in people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.


Time for Family and Friends

A spa provides access to all the therapeutic benefits listed above and more…why not share them with loved ones?The spa is a perfect place to relax with family members and catch up on what’s on everyone’s mind. The spa alsoserves as a nice environment when entertaining friends.

~ First Things First ~

Choosing where to place the spa requires careful consideration.

The spa must be installed on a sturdy, flat surface that is built to code. Consult a building inspector or a licensed contractor When properly installed, the spa base will rest flat on the supporting surface. Do not attempt to shim the spa or place in an otherwise unleveled surface. Failure to place the spa on a level plane will cause the unit to distort, collapse, or crack. Any such damage caused by improper installation will not be covered under the warranty.


The surface design and material used to support the spa should meet local building regulations and should be verified before installing the spa.Additionally, make sure the spa is accessible to service technicians. Leave at least a three foot open space for any side of the spa housing a pump.

~ First Things First ~

Filling the Spa

Please take the following precautionary measures before filling the spa:


1. Make sure the electrical service is shut off at the breaker. Failure to do so may cause damage to the pump(s) and/or heater, which would not be covered under your warranty.


2. Remove the cabinet panel directly below the topside controls to access the equipment compartment. Make sure the pipe unions on either side of the pump(s) are tight.


You are now ready to fill your spa. Please follow the instruction’s below:


1. Place the garden hose down inside the filter housing. On a dual-filter system, use the filter closest to the topside control panel. Remove the skimmer (and filter basket on certain systems) to access the filter and filter housing.


2. Feed the garden hose down into the filter housing and turn on the water. **If using well water, use the hose filter attachment to reduce contaminants and help water’s alkalinity**


3. Fill the spa until the water level is approximately one inch above the highest jet (excluding any small jets the spa may have that are designed for the neck and/or shoulders).


4. When the spa is filled to the appropriate water level, you may turn power “ON”.

Following these instructions carefully allows the spa to prime the pump(s) properly, preventing possible air pockets that may result in an air lock. In which case, no water can be pulled through the pump until the pocket of air is released.


IF you experience an air lock, turn ‘pump 2’ on high. If the spa does not work out the air pockets and prime properly within 12-24 hours, contact Barefoot Spas customer service.

~ Topside Control Guide ~


When your spa is powered up, it will go into priming mode. The display will read RUN PMPS PURG AIR ----. Priming mode can last up to 10 minutes, press WARM or COOL to manually exit the priming mode.

Temperature settings (80°F - 104°F)

The last measured temperature is constantly displayed on the topside’s LCD. Press “Warm” or “Cool” once to display the set temperature. Each time either button is pressed again, the set temperature will increase or decrease. After three seconds, the current temperature will resume on the topside’s LCD.


Press “Jets 1” once to turn on the primary pump, press again to shift between high and low speed. If your model has any additional pumps, they will be displayed as “Jets 2” and “Jets 3”, press the button once to turn on the pump desired. Secondary pumps are only 1-speed pumps. All pumps will timeout if left in high speed as a safety precaution.

Heating the Spa

The heater and “Jet 1” will run on the low setting until 1 degree below the temperature selected. Then, “Jet 1” will run in the low setting WITHOUT the heater until 1 degree above the temperature selected. Once the set temperature is exceeded by 1 degree, both the heater and “Jets 1” will remain off until the water drops to the temperature selected.


The Ozonator will run when the “Jets 1” is running in the lower setting.


Press the “Light” button once to start the lights. Continue to press the light button to go through the wheel, stop at the desired selection.

Press the light again to turn the lights off. Please see the following guide for messages that may display on your spa’s topside.


One of the sensors has detected a temperature that exceeds 107°F.Remove the cover and allow the water to cool, check for water flow obstructions. Call customer service if the code does not reset.


The temperature sensors are out of balance. If the display is togglingwith the temperature, it may be a temporary condition. Check forwater flow obstructions. If only this message is displayed, the spahas shut down. Call customer service.


Low flow. Heater may shut down. Check for water flow obstructions. Call customer service if the code does not reset.


Low/no flow. Check for water flow obstructions. Call customer service if the code does not reset.

-- -- -- F

Temperature unknown. Allow the pump to run for at least 1 minute to register the current temperature.


If the temperature sensors within the heater detect a low enough temperature, then the jets automatically activate to provide freeze protection. The jets will run either continuously or periodically depending on conditions. If “TOO COLD” displays on your top side and the spa does not resume and heat to the set temperature, contact customer service.

~ Maintenance ~

Proper Water Level

It is normal for the spa to lose approximately one inch of water per week. The water loss is due to evaporation and run off from people exiting the spa. Please be mindful of this and add water as necessary. If the water level drops below the filter level then the pumps will draw in air. This will cause the pumps to ‘air-lock’ and can cause error codes that will prevent the heater from turning on.

Filter Maintenance and Replacement

Proper maintenance of the spa’s filter is very important. The filter helps to clean the spa from algae, bacteria, hair, debris, and other solids that enter the spa. Failing to clean the filter will place an unnecessary strain on its respective pump. Additionally, a dirty filter will result in dirty water. Clean the filter at least once a month. Do not use a pressure washer.

To clean the filter:

1. Shut off power to the spa. 

2. Remove the filter from the spa. Hold the filter at a 45º angle and spray it off with a garden hose. 

3. Re-insert the filter in the spa. 

It is of equal importance that the spa filter be replaced periodically. The fibers in the filter loosen over time, allowing more particles to pass through them. A standard cartridge filter needs to be replaced every six months at a minimum.

Draining the Spa

Always remember to shut off power at the breaker before draining the spa. The water needs to be replaced at least once a year for this reason. 

The most common way to drain the spa is with the drain valve. The drain valve is a red handled spigot located in the main access panel. Attach a garden hose to the valve and turn the spigot into the open position to release the water. Be sure to close the spigot before refiling the spa. 

Another way to drain the spa is by means of reverse siphon. The steps for this method are as follows: 
1. Place one end of the garden hose in the spa and connect the other end to a faucet. 

2. Turn the faucet on to fill the garden hose with water. 

3. Once the garden hose is full, turn off the water and disconnect it from the faucet. Be sure this end of the garden hose is at a lower elevation than the end in the spa. 

4. The water will now drain out of the spa.


While the spa cover is very sturdy, it is not meant to withstand excessive weight. Never stand on the cover. Remove snow or other items that accumulate on the cover promptly to avoid causing it to misshape or otherwise become damaged.

Panel Maintenance

The standard synthetic panels installed on most spas are weather resistant and non-porous. They are virtually maintenance free, only requiring the occasional rub-down with a wet cloth.

Preparing for Cold Weather

There are two options when preparing for a winter with freezing conditions: maintain it or drain it.

Maintain It

Maintaining the spa in the winter months is much the same as maintaining the spa the rest of the year. The only major addition is that the spa and GFCI needs to be checked on a daily basis to make sure it is receiving power. The spa is constantly monitoring the temperature of the water and will automatically activate the pump(s) and heating element if it registers freezing or near-freezing conditions. Drain the spa immediately if it loses power for an extended period of time. Otherwise, the pipe fittings in the spa will freeze and break.  

Consult the next paragraph for instructions on draining the spa.

Drain It

The spas internal components are designed to be wet at all times, prolonged periods without power or water run a risk of damage to the internal components (including premature shalt seal failure) that will void the manufacturer’s warranty. If circumstances do not allow power or water in colder months, Follow the drain instructions found in General Maintenance, and flush the jet lines to remove any remaining water to lower the risk of freeze damage.  

To do this, remove the jet from the jet body. Place the shop vacuum up to the opening and suck out the remaining water. Follow this procedure with every jet line in the spa. It is important to remember that snow gets quite heavy as it accumulates. Brush snow off of the spa cover as necessary.

~ 10 Easy Steps to a Perfect Hot Tub! ~

Spa First Aid Kit

1. Fill your spa with water that has NOT gone thru a water softener. If you have very hard water, lots of rust, or are using well water use a pre-filter on the end of your hose (Not included). Remove the Hot tub filter, and place the end of the hose in the filter compartment. While filling add Spa Bright per the directions on bottle. When full: replace the filter, and turn on the jets, close the cover, and let it heat.


2. After at least an hour, add a cap full of Spa Shock directly into the center of the spa. Turn the jets back on, close the cover, and let it heat again.


3. When the spa reaches at least 90 degrees, turn the jets on again, close the cover, and let it heat.


4. When the spa reaches the right temperature it is ready to use. Use a Test Strip from the bottle. Use according to the directions on the bottle. The Chlorine may read low, this is normal.


5. Both the Alkalinity and the PH are adjusted together. Always adjust the Alkalinity first, then the PH. Read the Alkalinity on the test strip. If it is to high add PH Down (a cap full) every 4 to 6 hours until it reads in the “Okay” range. If the Alkalinity is to low add Alkalinity Up (a cap full) every 4 to 6 hours until it reads in the “Okay” range.


6. Once the Alkalinity has been in the “Okay” range for 48 Hours, then read the PH. If the PH is to high add PH Down at the rate of 1 teaspoon every 4 to 6 hours until it is in the “Okay” range. If the PH is to low add PH Up at the rate of 1 teaspoon every 4 to 6 hours until it is in the “Okay” range.


7. Once a week re-test the PH and Alkalinity and adjust if necessary.


8. Every other week add Spa Bright per directions on the bottle, and add water to the proper level. On opposing weeks, add a cap full of Spa Shock and 2 ounces of Clear Spa. Wait at least 6 hours, but not more that 24 hours, and then remove and rinse your filter. You must turn off the hot tub at the breaker before removing the filter.


9. If your water gets cloudy, or has a smell add a cap full of Spa Shock. Then wait at least 6 hours, but not more than 24 hours, and then remove and rinse your filter. You must turn off the hot tub at the breaker before removing the filter.


10. Last and very important! Be patient and go slow. Your Ozone system will do most of the work if you give it time. You should only drain and re- fill your spa once a year!

Note: The initial time period immediately after a fresh water fill is the most important, and unpredictable time of this process. Don’t be discouraged if your water gets worse before it gets better. The worst thing you can do is add to much of anything. The second worst thing is get frustrated, or impatient and start over.

~ The Parts of Your Spa ~


Filter Assembly

Varies, in most models it consists of the filter housing, filter, basket, and telescoping skimmer.


Topside Control Unit

Controls the temperature, light(s), mode, and filter settings


Footwell Light Lens

Houses a large incandescent or LED light



Water release point for the pump(s)


LED Light Lenses

Houses individual LED accent lights


Headrest (Pillow)

Provides a cushioned surface


Floor Suction

Water intake source for the pump(s)


Air Control Valve

Used to control the amount of air injected into the jet lines.


Floor Suction

Water intake source for the pump(s)


Air Control Valve

Used to control the amount of air injected into the jet lines.

** Many of these features are optional and will not necessarily be present on your spa **


Enhances visual and audible ambiance



Base of spa



Made of synthetic wood, the cabinet helps to insulate and protect the spa


Spa Pack

Monitors all the spa’s functions, including the heater, pump(s), and filtration settings. Unscrew the lid to gain access to the electrical wiring  connections, circuit board, fuses, and heater.



Propels water throughout the spa. The pump(s) can have either one or two speeds.


Ozone Generator

Produces ozone, which helps to break down organic contaminants and maintain a sanitary spa.


LED Controller

Water intake source for the pump(s)


Drain Valve

~ Troubleshooting ~



Circuit Breaker Tripping   

If your GFCI breaker trips and will not let you use the spa’s functions, and the spa has been wired correctly, you can determine the root of the problem through process of elimination.   

1) With the breaker turned off, remove the panel below the topside control to access the equipment compartment.   

2) Trace the wire from the heater to the control pack. Unplug this wire and reset the breaker. If the breaker remains on, your heater is malfunctioning. If it trips, continue on to the next step.   

3) On the left side on the control pack, you will see a series of multicolored plugs aligned vertically.   

4) Remove the first plug to disconnect that component.   

5) Reset the breaker and see if the spa will power up without tripping the breaker. If it will not, repeat steps 3 and 4, disconnecting each component individually until the breaker does not trip.   

6) Once the breaker remains on, trace the plug of the last component disconnected back to its source. This is the part that will need to be looked at for service.   

7) If the breaker continues to trip, contact your dealer for service.

~ Electrical Wiring ~

Remember Safety First



The spa must be set up with a dedicated service. Use of extension cords is a safety hazard and can result in electrical damage that is not covered under the warranty. The circuit breaker panel should be a minimum of five feet away from where the spa is to be located. Check with the local building official for additional code requirements.


Only copper wire may be used. Use of aluminum or other wire will void the warranty and may cause extensive damage to the equipment.

Please see the following two pages for common GFCI configurations. Please read all instructions enclosed in the GFCIpackage.

Improper wiring can cause damages to the spas electronics, which is not covered in the warranty