The SS-Series

Your new advanced spa!

The SS-Series

The 2019 SS19

The Barefoot SS19 is two spas in one – it features a full size spa separate from the swim spa. This exercise swim spa is unique in that it is dual-temperature. In other words, the hot tub end and the swimming spa end are two isolated bodies of water and can be maintained at different temperature.

The 2019 SS17

The Barefoot SS17 is a premium full-sized home swim spa. With space to accommodate any person and any swim stroke, the SS17 can help you reach the pinnacle of aquatic exercise.

The 2019 SS15

The Barefoot SS15 is a premium midsize home swim spa. Equipped with three adjustable river jets, the SS15 has enough power to fuel any cardio workout routine.

The 2019 SS13

The Barefoot SS13 is a powerful, yet compact exercise swimming spa. It combines the hydrotherapeutic benefits of a traditional spa with the muscular and cardiovascular benefits of a swim spa, all in just under 13 feet of space.

The 2019 SS12

The Barefoot SS12 is a premium small-size home swim spa. Now you can go for a swim, do rows, jog in place, and then relax – all without ever getting out of the spa!

The 2019 FS8

The Barefoot FS8 is a compact exercise swim Spa. With this system, you can enjoy the benefits of low impact aquatic exercises, and water aerobics, all in an 8×8 frame.