The M-Series

Your new advanced spa!
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The M-Series

The 2019 MB8

With seating for up to 7 people, the MB8 leaves plenty of room for entertainment. Plus, a large open footwell is easily accessible for maneuvering within the spa. It also comes standard with two jet pumps, and ergonomic seating throughout.

The 2019 ML8

The ML8 features both a traditional lounge and a modified lounge, each with strategically positioned massage jets. With room to sit six comfortably, the ML8 can also make relaxation a social event.

The 2019 ML7

The ML7 offers hydrotherapy jets configured to provide hot tub massage for all parts of the body, and seating designed to accommodate individuals, families, or even social gatherings with ease. Barefoot Spas has taken all the desirable features of a full-size hot tub and integrated them harmoniously into this mid-size spa.

The 2019 MB7

The MB7 offers just the right mix of jets and jet pumps for a mid-size frame. With a max capacity of 7 adults, each of it’s seating positions are designed to provide a unique hydrotherapeutic experience. In other words, the MB7 offers a multitude of ways to relax, no matter how many are in your party.